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RE: NFC: RE: crayfish tank

In many fish ponds they are a pain in the rear.  They tend to ruin a pond
bottom by their digging, and can cause them to leak by digging through clay

In the San Marcos River, Texas, there is a species that is royal blue...
absolutely a beautiful creature although I don't know how they taste :)

During the summer of '80 I worked as a seasonal naturalist at Louis and
Clark State Park in Missouri - right across the border from Atchison Kansas.
They raised Bass - Minnows (fat heads).  The place was literally crawling
with 6 - 7 inch crawdads.. Now they were tasty :)  They also had bull frogs
(which were also tasty).  At the end of that summer we had collected many
pounds of crayfish, frog legs, a few water snakes, and some 40 lbs of fish
filets.  Our back to school (Benedictine College) party the last week of
August, included some 70 guests, and went into the early morn the next day.
A single grill, 4 bags of charcoal, and a few pots & pans did the entire
evening... The freezer was empty, but we weren't :)

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The American River, in the Sacramento area, has some of the largest and
best tasting Crayfish you will ever find, anywhere. Not sure of the
specific species, but the cool clear water of that river seems to do
wonders for them. I was told that they are fished commercially from there
as well.