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Re: NFC: Fw: Do you know what can be used in CA or where I can find out?

robertrice at juno_com wrote:
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> Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 18:26:09 -0800
> Subject: Do you know what can be used in CA or where I can find out?
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> I know that the Fish and Wildlife people do not want you moving minnows
> around in CA.  Do you know how to find out what I can put in my pond?
> I've written F&W but haven't heard back.

U. S. Fish and Wildlife folks have only turf wars in CA to amuse themselves.
Forget help from them.

You want to contact your local Game Warden or the California Dept. of Fish
and Game (his/her agency). Only they can give the the straight answer on CA
laws on the subject (and they frequently get it very, very wrong!). Get them
to cite the statute or other legal reference and then read it for yourself.
They will answer questions over the phone, at least.

Very basically, you can't transport any live fish from *any* CA waters
without a permit, and they simply never issue them, AFAIK.

If you buy fish from commercial or out-of-state sources, you may use them
but never ever put "exotics" in a pond that might get washed out in a
"hundred-year-flood" situation. That is almost any pond, unfortunately.
Failure to observe that rule is the cause of the draconian fish laws we live

CA is far worse than most states in thinking that keeping people from
breeding and working with native fish is a good way to protect them. It is
the same kind of inverted, moronic logic that says disarming more victims
will reduce crime. I think that's why we are known as the Left Coast. ;-)


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