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NFC: Fw: new Micropterus


sorry to bother you, but I was lurking about and saw Steven DiCerbo's
on the new Micropterus, and thought I'd correct a couple statements...
you please forward this to the NFC list?

The "new" bass, Micropterus cataractae, has actually been considered an 
undescribed species by most ichthyologists. Carl Hubbs and Reeve Bailey 
commented on the bass, which at the time was known from a single specimen

from the Chipola River (FL) in 1949, provisionally treating it as an 
undescribed species. It's since been confused with M. punctulatus and M. 
coosae, although treated as an undescribed spp in Page and Burr's (1991) 
field guide..

I just caught specimens of this bass about a month ago, and was surprised

both how much it resembled a smallmouth in coloration, and how little it 
actually resembled coosae or punctulatus. The long period between
and description is actually pretty common in ichthyology (but hey, we're 
getting better!).

M. cataractae can be separated out on the basis of: no teeth on tongue, 
anterior 2/3 of adults with vertically elongate blotches
caudal fin dark and lacking light margins, weakly developed lines on
side of body.

There are several other North American gamefish left to recieve proper 
taxonomic recognition... including ANOTHER bass, a walleye (btw, the 
scientific name is getting changed soon to Zander), several salmonids,
at least three sunfishes that I'm aware of. There are several other
that have not been treated adequately (the Ohio muskellunge comes
to mind).

Ah, but what would you expect from "Popular Mechanics..."

The citation for the shoal bass description follows:

Williams, J.D. and G.H. Burgess. 1999. A new species of bass, Micropterus

cataractae (Teleostei:  Centrarchidae) from the Apalachicola River basin
Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. Bulletin of the FL Museum of Natural


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