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Re: NFC: Fw: new Micropterus

robertrice at juno_com wrote:


> There are several other North American gamefish left to recieve proper
> taxonomic recognition... including ANOTHER bass, a walleye (btw, the
> scientific name is getting changed soon to Zander), several salmonids,
> and
> at least three sunfishes that I'm aware of. There are several other
> groups
> that have not been treated adequately (the Ohio muskellunge comes
> foremost
> to mind).
> Ah, but what would you expect from "Popular Mechanics..."

  Thanks,  Dave....  

    I agree..    Popular mechanics?  but it was some sort of notice... 
good thing I included a disclaimer...

   On  another list, I just had an exchange with a fellow who was
relying on the "Field and Stream" magazine web sight for taxonomy....  
came up with Salmo gairdneri  for rainbow trout, and O. mykiss  for a
steelhead....    isshh....   good discussion, though

      BTW,   I find it hard to occasion across current fisheries
(taxonomy, genetics and others) information   since  I am no longer in
school, pouring over journals...

  Are there any ichthyologists or fisheries biologists out there who can
recommend a decent periodical for keeping up to date with this stuff? 
Behavior and natural history would be another area of fisheries

    Stizostedion  back to  Zander ?  yow!!  :^)


                         Stephen  Di Cerbo
                        mykiss at albany_net

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