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Re: NFC: Re: Large Tanks

This sounds similar to what I am setting up, only mine won't be built in
like yours. I am removing a half wall that seperates our breakfast area
from our Living room and replacing it with a 150 gallon tank on a cherry
cabinet. (This is the new cabinet that All Glass introduced this year.) The
tank will be drilled so all plumbing and filtering will be in the cabinet
underneath. I was hoping to use a basic twin tube light fixture, but now
I'm thinking that may not be enough. I have seen kits that are supposed to
improve the amount of light that is produced by a fixture, by improving the
reflectors. I may look into getting one of those. I haven't decided on
which fish to use, but am leaning on a mix of small sunfish, madtoms and
maybe some darters along with allot of plants, rocks and wood. I am also
having to be very careful in the planning, because the tank will be visible
from three sides. It makes the logistics of plumbing and decorating a
little more difficult. Once your tank is done, please post some pics if
possible or email them to me directly. I'd love to see it!



I have found this thread interesting, because I am in the process of
up a 180 gallon tank that will be built in to a partition wall between the
Liv. and Family rooms of our new house.



Brian Perkins,