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Re: NFC: Rainbow dace

Well, I suppose if I ever get another aquarium I'll get some.. They wouldn't
do well in my current tank. Perhaps whenever my other fish pass on, I can
take the heater out.. heh.
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> Ha! Rainbow Dace ... I remember some store round here selling
> them. The real name for those fish is Red Shiners aka Notropsis lutrensis.
> A very attractive fish and very hardy. Just keep it in an unheated tank
> with clear area for swimming. It appreciates a bit of a water current. It
> will eat any kind of food (even bits of bread and cereal) and likes an
> occasional green (boiled peas, lettuce, etc.). If you keep some flat rocks
> (like an outcrop in the gravel), a pair will spawn amd stick the eggs in
> the rock crevices.
> Sajjad
>  On Fri, 25 Feb 2000, Matthew Fisher wrote:
> > A couple lfs's have rainbow dace for sale, and I was wondering what
> > requirements they have to be raised?
> > thank you.
> >
> > Matt
> >
> >
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