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Re: NFC: Rainbow dace

	Ha! Rainbow Dace ... I remember some store round here selling
them. The real name for those fish is Red Shiners aka Notropsis lutrensis.
A very attractive fish and very hardy. Just keep it in an unheated tank
with clear area for swimming. It appreciates a bit of a water current. It
will eat any kind of food (even bits of bread and cereal) and likes an
occasional green (boiled peas, lettuce, etc.). If you keep some flat rocks
(like an outcrop in the gravel), a pair will spawn amd stick the eggs in
the rock crevices.


 On Fri, 25 Feb 2000, Matthew Fisher wrote:

> A couple lfs's have rainbow dace for sale, and I was wondering what
> requirements they have to be raised?
> thank you.
> Matt

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