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NFC: adopt-a-tank in NC

Hey y'all just an update.

I'm meeting with a couple of teachers in my county next week who have gotten
funding to start an AAT project.  They're very psyched about having someone
help lead a field trip to collect native fishes from our local waters.  The
weather in NC is warming up rapidly, and while we had a couple feet of snow
on the ground a few short weeks ago it is very much starting to feel like
spring around here, with the frogs calling, people wearing shorts, and

I'll post something to the group next week about where the project is going.
I'm also going to try to get them to recruit a student to maintain a web
site.  I'll give him some space on yonderway.com or if there is an easy way
for them to update nativefish.org maybe that would be better.

Sorry I haven't been too active lately.  I started an awesome job in
November at a young company that is just exploding... we're expecting to
double in size this year.  With three locations across the country, I am so
far the only guy running the whole computer network and handling end user
support.  I'm hiriing some help soon, just in time for the waters to warm up
so I can get out there and get wet. :-)

I've also got a webcam set up in my office.  When I get out collecting with
these kids, some of the fish will go to a new 20 gallon tank in my office
that the webcam will point at.  Will provide a URL when it's live.  I had it
pointing at my ugly face in December for a test run and it worked extremely