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NFC: RE: new to this need help

Hi Nickel and welcome
There are TONS of great articles on what you need at http://nativefish.org.  I won't even pretend to try to rehash all this since it is already well laid out in the articles on this site.
You can get tanks pretty cheap at Petsmart if there is one in your area.  I wouldn't buy a tank mail order.
But for all the supplies, it's hard to beat That Pet Place (http://www.thatpetplace.com).  When I lived in PA I used to make the long drive to their store in Amish country frequently.  Their retail prices are lower than what most pet shop owners pay wholesale for their inventory.  And since many native fishes appreciate good heavy water flow, you'll probably want to load up with rediculously overpowered equipment to simulate their natural environments.  Make sure to match the flow in the tank to the areas that you are harvesting fishes from.
Some of my earliest experiences with natives were catfish.  And you're right, they're very interesting to watch.  I have no idea what my first native catfishes were but could probably figure it out if I tried.  Later I got yellow bullheads from the pond behind my family's home (they still live there, I don't).  They grew quickly and ate everything that would fit in their mouths (and a few things that couldn't possibly fit but somehow did).
I've also really enjoyed native sunfishes.  If you like tropical cichlids, sunfishes are in many ways similar.
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                                     Many years ago I did have tropical fish and even had a pair of zebra's mate and lay eggs. But one time I did put a native catfish in the tank and it was one of the more interesting fish in the tank. Recently I thought about buying a tank again but this time having all native fish. What I really need help with, is where can I get the best deal on aquariums and all the other equipment I'll need.
                                                                            Please help a newcomer to the hobby