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Re: [Re: NFC: Fish News]

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i'm 54 and i find the lack of understanding of the difference between 
disagreeing with people (and their tactics) and insulting people 
because of their gender by a number of members of this listserve 
as deplorable.

i thought there was a post warning us all not to bring this up again. 
at least it was sent to me.

well, please unsubscribe me from this group. i do not condone 
selective warnings, nor general insensitivity on gender issues, 
particularly from a group purportedly interested in enviromental 
issues like native fish.

art goodtimes

> Jim C.,
> I'm glad I share the earth with people like you
> Scott
> "Jim Capelle" <JCapelle at tampabay_rr.com> wrote:
> Remember, what I'am about to say here are my thoughts not the list.
> You asked for some thoughts on the use of the word "Chick", well stand by.
>      I personnel do not like or use the word "Chick" myself, but if you
>      ever
> met a group of PETA protesters outside of a pet trade show, you too may or
> would not have the greatest feelings for them also.  They or their
> spokespersons in the past have blasted the keeping of fish as pets, also
> any breeding programs for  fish that are raised for food or wildlife
> restocking, even it means, that group of fish will be extinct without a
> breeding program.   They have gone after sport fishing at times also.   I
> believe the person using the word "Chick" was holding a lot back and
> should be commended for doing so.    I'am from an older generation that
> still have a hard time trying to remember to be "PC" in our jokes and
> wording of statements.  I'am sure there are some on this list a lot older
> then myself (@ 51) that are having an even harder time (if they even try
> to) adjusting and living in a more "PC" society, (yet it is only in very
> few countries in the world that anyone are aware of this PC stuff).   And
> yes, I do have some female friends that use the word "Chicks" too.   And
> some of their jokes may make your PC ears burn.  But,  isn't The Freedom
> of Speech, great?  Yes if the person swore on the list or used foul lang. 
> then you have a case, but not  here with this one.
>      When a person or group has a lifestyle or belief and they are trying
>      to
> force it on someone else or another group and is using gorilla tactics
> that boarder and sometimes cross the line on what is allowed within that
> society's laws  ( getting arrested is alright for a good cause?????) then
> I don't care for them if they are also trying to effect my life or
> lifestyle, which PETA is doing.  I am an Aquacultural student at night, if
> they had their way I would have to change my major to Organic Vegetarian
> farming. Sorry I like to eat some meat and fish.
>     I think I should get off now so I don't get flamed for taking too much
> time being "PC" and using my Freedom Of Speech too much tonight.    JiM C.
> Remember, what I said here are my thoughts not the list.
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> > Perhaps "bimbo" would have been more appropriate...  IMO, PETA
> > types earn whatever disparaging appelation we deem appropriate.
> >
> > > i find the term "chick" sexist in this context. if this an example of
> > > the fish news level of analysis, then i will drop this listserv
> >
> >
> > Prost,
> >
> > Martin
> > ------
> > "Cry to it, nuncle. as the cockney did to the eels when she put
> > 'em i' the paste alive; she knapped 'em o' the coxcombs with a
> > stick, and cried 'Down wantons, down!'"
> >
> perhaps in some circles such disparagement would be appropriate,
> but in a public listserv like this, i continue to find it inappropriate,
> at best.
> can others on this listserv let me know if this is SOP for this list?
> lack of respect for opponents seems an unfortunate public face to
> offer on the web.
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