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Re: [Re: NFC: Fish News]

Jim C.,
I'm glad I share the earth with people like you


"Jim Capelle" <JCapelle at tampabay_rr.com> wrote:
Remember, what I'am about to say here are my thoughts not the list.
You asked for some thoughts on the use of the word "Chick", well stand by.
     I personnel do not like or use the word "Chick" myself, but if you ever
met a group of PETA protesters outside of a pet trade show, you too may or
would not have the greatest feelings for them also.  They or their
spokespersons in the past have blasted the keeping of fish as pets, also any
breeding programs for  fish that are raised for food or wildlife restocking,
even it means, that group of fish will be extinct without a breeding
program.   They have gone after sport fishing at times also.   I believe the
person using the word "Chick" was holding a lot back and should be commended
for doing so.    I'am from an older generation that still have a hard time
trying to remember to be "PC" in our jokes and wording of statements.  I'am
sure there are some on this list a lot older then myself (@ 51) that are
having an even harder time (if they even try to) adjusting and living in a
more "PC" society, (yet it is only in very few countries in the world that
anyone are aware of this PC stuff).   And yes, I do have some female friends
that use the word "Chicks" too.   And some of their jokes may make your PC
ears burn.  But,  isn't The Freedom of Speech, great?  Yes if the person
swore on the list or used foul lang.  then you have a case, but not  here
with this one.
     When a person or group has a lifestyle or belief and they are trying to
force it on someone else or another group and is using gorilla tactics that
boarder and sometimes cross the line on what is allowed within that
society's laws  ( getting arrested is alright for a good cause?????) then I
don't care for them if they are also trying to effect my life or lifestyle,
which PETA is doing.  I am an Aquacultural student at night, if they had
their way I would have to change my major to Organic Vegetarian farming.
Sorry I like to eat some meat and fish.
    I think I should get off now so I don't get flamed for taking too much
time being "PC" and using my Freedom Of Speech too much tonight.    JiM C.

Remember, what I said here are my thoughts not the list.

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> Perhaps "bimbo" would have been more appropriate...  IMO, PETA
> types earn whatever disparaging appelation we deem appropriate.
> > i find the term "chick" sexist in this context. if this an example of
> > the fish news level of analysis, then i will drop this listserv
> Prost,
> Martin
> ------
> "Cry to it, nuncle. as the cockney did to the eels when she put
> 'em i' the paste alive; she knapped 'em o' the coxcombs with a
> stick, and cried 'Down wantons, down!'"

perhaps in some circles such disparagement would be appropriate,
but in a public listserv like this, i continue to find it inappropriate, at

can others on this listserv let me know if this is SOP for this list?

lack of respect for opponents seems an unfortunate public face to
offer on the web.

art goodtimes

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