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NFC: Fw: Fw: speaker

Ive had 2 requests for speakers  anyone in the New York NJ area want to
give it a try ...

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From: JSERAW10 at aol_com <JSERAW10 at aol_com>
To: jfranklaurent at msn_com <jfranklaurent at msn_com>
Date: Saturday, February 05, 2000 4:18 PM
Subject: speaker

>I was surfing for speakers for our club when I came across your site.  I
>the speaker chairman for the Jersey Shore Aquarium Society.  We meet in
>Freehold, New Jersey.  Are you familiar with anyone who might speak at
>club? Can you put me in contact with someone closer to NJ?  Also, how
>those black banded sunfish coming along?  Are they available yet?
>John Wares