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Re: NFC: Fish News

Wow, I sparked a fire with this one, eh?  :)

I just want to make clear that my use of the word "chick" was not meant to
be derogatory to women. The word is commonly used in my neck of the woods by
both men AND women to denote a female during informal conversation.
Realizing that such use may not have the same meaning in other areas or to
other people, I apologize to those of you who may have taken offense. I
merely wanted to share some of the latest news about our native fish.


I *do not* apologize for the tone I took when talking about PETA. Judging by
what I have read of them, seen of them, AND through personal contact with
several members, I perceive that organization to be nothing more than a
group of sadly misguided people who allow themselves to be blinded by pure
emotion. I have yet to converse with a PETA member who has been willing to
consider both sides of any animal issue. Their unreasonable devotion to
unrealistic ideals often seems to prohibit them from seeing any creature as
anything other than some anthropomorphic Disney animation, and may someday
end up causing more harm to the wildlife they love than good. It is my firm
belief that PETA has yet to do anything worthy of respect, that they
continually miss opportunities to use their clout to enact any worthwhile
conservation initiatives, and that their code of conduct is both dangerous
and reprehensible. 

Tony Gustafson
DeKalb, IL
The only problem with the gene pool is 
there is no lifeguard.

>  i find the term "chick" sexist in this context. if this an example of 
>  the fish news level of analysis, then i will drop this listserv
>  art goodtimes

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