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NFC: Blue Pike news....

Press Release: The Native Fish Conservancy (NFC) Jan. 25 2000,
The NFC has received 3 suspect Blue Pike queries in the last 60 days as a
result of our reward and increased publicity. We were rece ntly an
integral part of an In Fisherman Blue Pike article in their Walleye
section of the January 2000 issue. We are working with US Fish and
Wildlife Service on this issue and will turn over all suspect fish to
them for DNA analysis.
To recap the NFC is offering a 500$ reward to ANYONE who can produce a
recently caught Blue Pike or hybrid. To win send a close up picture of
the head of the suspect fish along with you\rquote re collecting data to
8436 Meadow Lane
Leawood Ks.
To win you must have Fish or Fish parts to DNA analyze so freeze a whole
pike if you can or at least the skin and fins. We will contact you for
the fish/skin if your suspect looks promising. Check out the NFC
website's Blue Pike page at www.nativefish.org for the latest Blue Pike