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NFC: press release

Press Release: The Native Fish Conservancy (NFC)  www.nativefish.org Jan
, 23 ,2000

The NFC and the Florida Freshwater Fish and Game commissions Richloam
hatchery will partner together in lake restoration. The Richloam hatchery
will donate 1000 Florida Flagfish to the NFC's efforts in Gainesville
Florida's Mile Run subdivision. The ponds there have never been stocked
and have been treated for years with herbicides to control algae. The
result is a series of small ponds that support few fish and grow hair
algae at a epic clip. The NFC was brought in as a volunteer consultant
and as a result the ponds are all going organic.The NFC is stocking
suitable aquatic plants, ducks and native fish species that will consume
algae while adding diversity to the ponds. The subdivision is paying all
costs on this partnership.

Florida Flagfish are a colorful native member of the killie family that
feed heavily on algae. Algae is that thick heavy green mat that often
appears in shallow ponds and drainage ditches. With the addition of
suitable aquatic plants, mallard ducks and a broad based group of small
fishes the cycle of algae to herbicide to algae again will be broken and
all the wildlife in the area will benefit.