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Re: NFC: Fwd: A River Runs Through It

In response to Joseph Eisenhart <stonecreeklock at webtv_net> message.

Hi Joe,

	It sounds like you have some pretty good plans already. I would
suggest having a larger rock or two setup so that the current can break up
behind them. This an area of "calm" and the fish can take rest in this
area if needed.

	I have a 20L river tank. Two powerheads at one end are setup to
cycle water in elliptical pattern. I also have a power filter on the long
side close to the power heads. The water emanates from the powerheads on
the right, flows along the front, circles around a planter (3" tall
plastic box planted with an amazon sword), goes slowly back around the
back of the tank to be picked up again by the powerheads/filter. I do not
have a complicated intake system as described on the web page you listed.

	The area on the left, behind the planter, is an area of relative
calm. The fish (shiners, longnose dace and river carpsuckers) do
occasionally hang out there. During feeding and other active times, they
love to hang near the front and right of the tank (in the area of the
fastest water).

	I have round river rocks of different sizes. The smaller ones are
close to the powerheads, the larger ones are distributed in the front of
the tank so that it resembles a stream-bed. The back of the tank is fairly
empty. White pea gravel throughout. Originally, I tried a bare bottom
tank with rocks but the fish didn't like that. 

	I also tried powerheads on one end and power filter on other
end. This did not work well either. 

	The floating plants basically collect in the center of the
elliptical water flow pattern. I also connected a piece of tubing to the
intake of the powerhead with the other end in the air. I was hoping that
this will draw air into the water and help oxegenate the water more. This
is not working as well as I hoped. I am going to try placing the tube at
the output of the powerhead and see if that helps. 

	Select the fish carefully. I lost a couple of "brassy" minnows due
to overly strong water currents. (I thought that I had got them from a
stream ... apparently not). 

	All in all, this tank is turning out to be a lot of fun. 

	(Hey, Luke M., the shiners are the ones you sent me in 1998. Still
alive, colored and healty. But not currently spawning. Should see spawning
action in March/April. )

Sajjad Lateef       <http://www.lateef.org/sajjad/>
sajjad at acm_org      sajjad at lateef_org