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Re: NFC: Tadpole Madtoms, More Info

At 10:21 AM -0600 1/5/00, Sajjad Lateef wrote:
>	Not really. But, I wanted to make sure.
>	The %*((*& mudminnows have killed at least eight Fundulus in my
>tanks. If I get any madtoms, I want to make sure that I don't have any
>more losses.

Are the mudminnows much larger than the Fundulus?  What are they, dispar?
Those central mudminnows can get pretty big compared to most Fundulus.  The
stud fishes would be an exception.  I guess I should add the caveat that
the risk to tank mates is directly proprotional to the size difference.
Yes, I would expect that a large madtom could eat a small darter.  "Course,
that's true for most types of fishes.  Even the passive chubsuckers will
eat tiny fry if they can!

Actually, I tend to keep killies separate from most other fishes.  Often
they are either vulnerable or they nip the fins of others.  Right now I
have a tank with F dispar, F lineolatus and Poecilia latipinna together
that seem to be OK, lots of floating plants though.  Another tank has
darters, N gyrinus and large F chrysotus that are fine, no cover at all.
These tanks are long tanks about 40 gallons each.

Mark Binkley
Columbus Ohio USA            <))><
mbinkley at earthling_net