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getting daphnia

    It would help if I knew where you are located.  If you are in the
USA then its easy.  If you are in Singapore I would go the live fish
markets and buy some Moina and raise them ...they are better suited for
warm water culture.

-> Hello Everyone, I have read so many good things about feeding 
-> daphnia, and I would like to start culturing them for my fishes.  I 
-> have the green water, and two 1G bottle raise the daphnia.  I seem to 
-> have great difficulty finding a source for the daphnia culture 
-> though.  If anyone know of any sources for these goodies, please let 
-> me know, thanks!  It very difficult for me to go out and find a pond 
-> and collect them in the wild.  Also, I don't want to introduce any 
-> other harmful life to my tanks.  Thanks again!

-> Regards,
-> Q
-> Q at rim_net