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Re: Choosing a Daphnia culture

I would not suggest picking a wild strain of Daphnia unless nothing else is 
available. Cultures long in captive cultivation have adapted and been 
selected to be easy to keep. There are lots of different strains. I have kept 
over a dozen and would recommend two as the best. My top pick is the Russian 
strain maintained in Detroit by Jim Langhammer and widely distributed to 
members of the American Livebearer Association. If you have a cool 
air-conditioned area available, the Daphnia magna strain available from 
Carolina Biological Supply is good. It does pulse more. Pulses are great 
population booms inevitably followed by crashes, so it is important to 
subdivide cultures at such times. I would suggest at least a ten gallon tank 
as the culture vessel. Twenty longs or 29's would be better. Tens have the 
advantage they are very cheap. Keep the cultures and their nets separate from 
the fish if possible and safe from outside pests.

-- Dan McMonigle