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Miracle Grow


How do you "feed Miracle Grow to encourage the *Euglena*"
Do you add it to the Daphnia Culture or what ?
If so how much per gallon of culture ?

If not please explain

Next question
Where in Freemont do you purchase the Gram Flour (address) ?

Ghemsath at alascom_att.com <mailto:Ghemsath at alascom_att.com> 

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Hi Howard, long time, no see!

<Snip> I try to cultivate enough green water that I have a steady source
of living
food for the daphnia, with a high nutritional value. I supplement that
tank-change water and feed Miracle Grow to encourage the *Euglena*.

Wright Huntley, Fremont CA, USA, 510 494-8679