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Re: Miracle Grow

"Hemsath, Gay" wrote:
> Wright
> How do you "feed Miracle Grow to encourage the *Euglena*"
> Do you add it to the Daphnia Culture or what ?
> If so how much per gallon of culture ?

I have about a 40-50G daphnia barrel( plus backup buckets in case of crash).
I just toss in a pinch once in a while. I keep a daphnia-free hex plexi tank
of green water (virtually opaque) alongside. It gets a pinch, too, now and
then. I feed that to the daphnia, a few cups every day or two.

I'm stingy with it in the Daphnia tank, directly, for the ammonia from the
ammonium nitrate isn't to nice on daphnia.

> If not please explain
> Next question
> Where in Freemont do you purchase the Gram Flour (address) ?

I got it from a little Indian grocery on Tennyson in Hayward (MacFrugal
Center, around the right end of the bldg.). Any East Indian grocery will
have it. There are several in the area.


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