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Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #471

They do. Can't remember what paper I read it in, but they are sensitive to
magnetic and electric fields. So if you've eliminated light/etc from the
equation I think you'd be justified in assuming an unseen influence :).


On Sat, 17 Jul 1999, Live Foods Digest wrote:

> Do you think that daphnia have a sense of polarity? I have a 10 gallon
> tank that is divided in half by a siliconed piece of glass.
> __________________________
> |                       |                     |
> |                       |                     |
> |                       |                     |
> |                       |                     |
> |                  X  |                 X  |
> |_____________|____________|
> The daphnia always seem to hang out in the same corner of the tank (X).
> The tank is plain with no lights, heat, filter. It is by a window but
> they do this weather it is day or night. It is hot during the day and
> cool at night (they respond the same way in either temp). each side
> houses a trio of killies. Each tank also contains a cool whip container
> that is placed in the very center.
> Any ideas?
> Jeremy

  John Clare                     Email:             jpc at itintelligence_com