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Re: aquatic worms and sifters

>  Karsten's aquatic microworms may be Naids especially if he is located in 
North America where they are the most common aquatic worm. They could also be 
a tubifex-like worm rather than a nematode. This is where an inexpensive 
microscope comes in handy. Some aquatic nematodes are parasitic. If you 
simply want larger microworms, That Fish Place is selling them. I  saw a 
culture of them that had been mailed in with a show entry to the ALA 
convention, but they did not survive the combination of the trip and the 
weekend. I saw them alive when they came in.

I have seen "sifters" or screens in the Carolina Biological Supply catalog. I 
have collected an odd lot of screen sizes over the years from buying grab 
bags of used stuff at fish club auctions.