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Feeding micro worms

I've been breeding microworms for a couple of years and I was wondering if I
might by accident have stumbled upon something new (at least to me).

I also culture Moina, and a couple of weeks ago I discovered some small worms
swimming in several of my Moina cultures. They moved just like microworms but
were about 3 times larger. My idea is that I may accidentally have transferred a
few micro worms to my Moina cultures. Because my Moina are fed every day, the
micro worms may suddenly have had chance to grow larger.

So my question is: Is it possible to feed micro worms and make them grow to a
lengt about 3 mm (1/8th of an inch) ?. I usually add a little dry yeast whenever
I start a new micro worm culture, but apart from that, I don't feed them during
the 3-5 weeks I use the culture. By doing things this way, my microworms all
seem to be around 1 mm in length.