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Hi everyone and thank you, David, for the intro.   

I just wanted everyone to know that this change in administration should be
seamless;  David set up and has administered a wonderful resource and I
have no plans to change anything.  

ObLive-Foods:  I've been collecting mosquito larvae for my fish; the winter
here was very mild and there are lots of bugs of all sorts - and it gives
me great pleasure to watch my fish gobble the larvae and know *those*
critters will never suck my blood.

I've been netting them out of a pail of water I keep on the patio.  The
larvae tend to shoot to the bottom of the pail when I dip my net into the
water and it can be a little troublesome to fish them out.   Anyone have a
better method of harvesting?


http://www.metronet.com/~cyn      in north central Texas

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