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Mosquitos and Daphnia

>I've been netting them out of a pail of water I keep on the patio.  The
>larvae tend to shoot to the bottom of the pail when I dip my net into the
>water and it can be a little troublesome to fish them out.   Anyone have >a
better method of harvesting?

And Beverly E said
>Just be sure to pour the whole bucket
>through a net once a week to get all the larvae before they mature.
>Btw, the mosquitos seem to prefer grungy water to lay their eggs, so
>add a bit of soil or compost or grass clippings to your bin.

A couple of small additions... Use light colored buckets so that you can see
the larvae and are less likely to cook the contents than with a black

Grass clippings drive me nuts and I would worry about oil or gasoline
drippings from the lawn mower on them. Alternatively pull some of those
large clumps of grasses and mineral rich dandelions which grow in corners of
the yard or garden. It is easier to pour the water and larvae through a fine
mesh net and into another bucket with larger pieces of organic material
there, held back with a stick..

Alternatively you can pour the whole thing into a partly filled 32 gallon
trash can (seasoned and rinsed a bit - I prefer the Rubbermaid "Roughneck").
The detritus sinks to the bottom and the mosquitos, while not as easily
netted as in the bucket to bucket approach, are more "nettable" than in a
bucket of grass,

The stronger the stench of the broth, the more mossies will lay eggs and
grow up in there. You may want to consider a discreatly out of the way place
in the shade some distance from the house.

Be aware than some municipalities have laws against standing water in

>> I used tap water, waited a week and then added some dry grass, FE and
>> some house plants fertilizer. The water turned green after a few days. I
>> have also added a bit of peat. Then I have bought Daphnia eggs called
>> 'ZooPlankton' : Daphnia/Moina produced by Triops Inc. I have added the
>> eggs and it's been over 5 days and no Daphnias are visible... Any ideas?

You may be out of luck. However daphnia eggs can take two weeks to come out
of diapause and hatch.

Sometimes frozen daphnia can be put into a greenwater container and
youngsters will hatch out from the bodies of the parents.

It only takes one female to get the show on the road. Allen Fletcher, of
Cornell and the Old Aquarium Magazine once guestimated in JAKA that one
female daphnia and her offspring, if all raised under optimum conditions,
could produce 4 billion descendants in a year!

In the summertime keep the cultures out of the sun. Many times they will
otherwise cook.

On the other hand, a gradual die off replaced by mosquitoes is not entirely
bad. Often in the fall (9 out of 10 times with my cultures) when the water
temperature drops to some level in the 60s the mosquito larvae will just
stop growing. About that time the resting eggs of the daphnia will hatch and
they can bloom until the ice gets too thick to break through.

Always keep two or more cultures going. Just in case....

All the best,