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Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #450

> >http://www.digital-m.com/~kiri/

> >http://www.aquafauna.com/HAN1098.htm

> Both did not mention the species name but only talking about Moina.

Moina micrura for both.

In Hawaii we either work this species, the origins of which all trace back to
or originated the cultures that Dr. Tamaru, et.al work at Anuenue Fisheries or
we raise a giant species of Daphia magna (sp?). The moina are definitely easier
and less prone to crashing.

>  In germany few aquarium hobbyists have a species called Moina
> macrocopa. I am not sure whether the name is correct, but today I
> received a starter culture of this. This is surely not M. micrura and
> might be one of the other species occurring in german waters: M.
> macrocopa or M. brachiata. Once I  found a link concerning M. dubia,
> which was cultivated by some fish breeders in Singapore. As far as I
> know, this  link is down but I still have a copy of this text on my
> computer.
> Stephan
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