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Re: Why won't the veggie blend freeze well?

Bill, I too thought freezing the daphnia milkshake of peas, carrots, and beets
would be convenient, but for some reason when I tried it, I did not get the
production from the culture I did when I kept it refrigerated. I also had a
high rate of "bombs".I don't know why. Wild guesses would be that since the
peas were frozen, they were being refrozen and this is a home economics no-no.
Maybe it could be frozen if made with fresh peas. I have never tried it,
although I've tried many things with the daphnia including raising them in
brackish water. Another wild guess is perhaps they are really eating the wild
yeasts and bacteria from the raw vegetables and that freezing halts this
process. If only this were a question someone could base their doctorate on...
Unfortunately, the research would probably get sidetracked and come up with a
new scientific name for the carrot. :>)