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Re: Microworms

Gareth writes:

> I finally got a culture of these, Thanks Daniel, any tips on upkepp and
>  maint. of the culture ?? I will be using them to feed my C. Barabats
>  fry.

They live on the yeast which in turn lives on the culture medium.  I've used
or seen used every kind of grain product from damp white bread to oatmeal to
corn meal, corn flakes, etc.  Just get the medium slightly damp, put it into a
sealable container like a "serving saver" or a soft margarine tub, and add the
worm culture.   The yeast gets introduced along with the worms.

I have found it necessary to start a second culture going every four weeks,
because after six or seven weeks, the waste product from the worms and the
yeast will toxify the medium and it collapses.  Then I switch to the new
culture, wash out the old container, and start again when no.2 is four weeks

Bob Dixon