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Re: Unproductive bs

Re: unproductive bs

>Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 18:29:29 -0700
>From: ruddigar at home_com
>Subject: unproductive bs
>I have am hatching bs in a four gal tank.  When I started it I added
>three gals of water, three tblsp aquarium salt and three tsp epsom
>salt.  The first week was great!  I had enough to feed my pygmy corys
>*and* my apistos.  Now, however, in the second week, I barely get 
>to feed my corys.  
>	I did a gal water change a few days ago and replace all the water I
>siphon out wiht new water (w/ salt).  I have two airstone in the tank,
>one at each end and the temp. is about 76F (use a heating pad an low to
>heat the tank).
Hello Jason,
your setup is very confusing for me. You hatched bs, started collecting 
after a few days and noticed that your yield went down after a week ... 

As bs need at least 2.5 weeks (and longer in natural circumstances, till 
about 4 weeks) to mature and carry brood pouches, you should wait with 
harvesting until you notice the adult females carrying brood pouches 
filled with cysts or baby brine shrimp. More than likely you will get 
live bearing bs under your rearing circumstances. So if you start 
harvesting a few days after hatching your baby brine shrimp ... of 
course your yield goes down because you are harvesting regularly and the 
population can not increase because you do not give the bs enough time 
to breed.

With your setup (as I understand it anyway) you get semi-grown bs which 
are unable to become adults and breed because you harvest too soon. Why 
not give them some more time, or hatch more and harvest less so you do 
not deplete the population?

Steve Geerts

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