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Re: Brine Shrimp Direct - mail order

> From: Steve Pushak <teban at powersonic_bc.ca>
> Anybody ordered BBS eggs from these folks? Just want to be sure the
> operation is legit and established with a track record.
> Anybody care to comment on getting BBS eggs mail order into Canada from
> the USA? I probably have to pay GST and stuff at the post office...

Hi, Steve.  As you know I'm in Toronto.  I ordered from them a couple
of weeks ago, and the package arrived in about a week.  The green sticker
said "fish feed" and I wasn't charged anything by customs.  My order was
under $25.  I haven't seen my credit card statement yet, but so far they
seem like an entirely legit business with good products at a good price,
and good service too.  I ordered flakes and spirulina and decapsulated
non-hatching eggs, and they threw in a free vial of hatching eggs.  I paid
$2.95 + 1.95 = $4.90 for shipping, and the postage sticker on the box
said $5.65, so the shipping charge was certainly fair.

If you order from them, let me know what happens.  I get the impression
that the post office isn't very consistent about the GST thing.

Btw, before it gets too much colder - anyone in Canada want to trade/sell
live food cultures?  I'd like to get some grindal worms and fruitflies.
I've got red wigglers, microworms, and some nice green pond water with
cyclops and miscellaneous pond critters.