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Re: pH and ammonia, Who said ammonia anyway

Charles writes:

> I would like to interject the relationship of ammonia in our fresh
>  water systems is less than trivial. Ammonia does not exist at measurable
>  amounts at pHs we consider safe for our fish.
>  	Free measurable ammonia does not occur is water with a pH below 10.
>  Do the calculations yourself. Just remember that the amount of cation
>  charges and anion charges must balance, and ammonia in not ionized, it is a
>  gas dissolved in water. This kind of talk sounds like some kind of Witch
>  Craft, John.

Whether as ammonia or ammonium, the stuff is still hard on the gills of my
fish, and probably also everyone else's, except maybe Charles's.  Ammonia is
nastier than ammonium, but they are both bad news.

Bob Dixon