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Re: Feeding daphnia

> >Date: Sun, 27 Sep 1998 00:16:38 -0700
> >From: ternay at dimensional_com
> >Subject: Feeding Daphnia
> >I am wondering what I can feed my daphnia as an interem
> >food until I can give them appropriate food.

I have used yeast, gram flour, siphoned crud from aquaria, green water
and any other nutrient that would stay in suspension long enough to be

Daphnia are unselective filter feeders, taking in any suspended
micro-particles they can scoop up. You feed it, they'll eat it!

You can even make them somewhat nutritious by loading them with fatty
acids and vitamins (if you make the foods into a fine emulsion in a
blender). Cod liver oil and liquid baby vitamins might work pretty well,
if homogenized in a blender and fed to the daphnia.

Gram flour (ground chickpeas or garbanzos from Indian markets) seems to
be a cheap, good maintenance and growth food. Just keep enough there to
cloud the water a bit at all times.

Use hard water, or add some form of calcium for their shells.


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