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Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #152

In a message dated 98-08-15 04:00:28 EDT,  Alysoun McLaughlin writes:
<< As for providing a picture -- I'm not that curious.>>
-------OK Some people are.  And truly a picture is worth a gigabyte of ascii.
The page is not as complete as we would like and questions like yours help to
improve it.
<< From the information you provided, I understand that it could be a grindal
 worm, a microworm or a planaria.  Is this correct?>>
-------Not really see below

<<Also, I have heard that fish don't eat planaria.  Is this correct?>>
-------Some fish will eat certain species of flat worm-- which is why the
specifics/details help

<<It's partly academic, because I cleaned up the tank and sucked the worms off
 the side in the process. <snip>.  However, I'm
 just beginning to feed with microworms, and I'm wondering if uneaten
 microworms will grow and climb up the sides of the tank.>>
-------In water microworms swim in an "S" shaped wiggling manner and in
general they do not crawl on the sides of a water filled container. They will
settle out of a water environment eventually.  They can and do crawl up the
sides of a culture dish but that is relatively dry.