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feeding blackworms

The subject of cleaning worms has come up again. Wayyyy back when, I
remember hearing an old timer (that is someone predating one's self)
mention that a person could put a piece of raw potato in a container of
tubifex worms (and presumably black worms). The idea was that the worms
would eat the potato, purging their systems.
          First has anybody tried this? Secondly does this work?
Thirdly, even though I have had good luck keeping worms washed and
usually healthy in a refrig., can they be lightly fed? There is a good
article on raising them at the Carolina Biological supply net site (Aug.
96) recommending the use of fish food tablets. I know of a local
aquarist who has used dry dog food in ten gallon tanks with the worms
and some peat moss one the bottom. Has anyone tried anything else?