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Cool web site

A friend passed on a URL for a nifty web site.  It's:


Aside from Angelfish info, as the name implies, there's also a cool
genetics calculator.  It's geared towards angels, but I thought it would
prove interesting to others as well.

There's a string of letters regarding Artemia cysts harvest problems in
Utah.  This has been discussed late last year already, but there is a little
bit of new info, including some possible price projections of $50-60 per
can (1 lb.) in the near future.  It appears that a shortage of quality cysts
may last for several years.

I should point out that the company that hosts the site also sells cysts,
Sanders brand  (1 lbs Premium Grade Artemia Eggs - 95% count $32.50).
So they may have their biases.

Bill Vannerson