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Sharpn <smh at tyler_net>

If you can find a 1 lb can of  BS eggs for under $40 and with 905 hatch,
buy them.  They are liekly to double in price
>Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 09:49:30 -0600
>From: Sharpn <smh at tyler_net>
>Subject: Need Starter Cultures
>Hi, again. Unfortunately, my houseflies kicked the bucket without
>leaving offspring, but I thank everyone for the advice. I'll try again
>with them in late spring when it's good and warm. But now, I've got a
>new challenge to meet. I have killifish on thier way here and the only
>live food I have for them is flightless fruitflies. I need to buy brine
>shrimp and other small types. I've looked into buying from some brine
>shrimp from different places, but most of the sources I've found sell
>them in bulk, and I'm not ready to buy a 1 lb can of shrimp eggs yet.
>And I haven't been able to Find a sea monkey kit either around. Please
>help. Thanks.
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