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Re: growing live food in the office

> From: Charles Nero <cnero at bates_edu>
> I have a 29 gallon aquarium and I keep guppies and cardinal tetras in
> it.  I want to feed them live food.  The problem:  what kind of live
> food can I grow in an office.  I do not have much room and the food
> cannot be smelly.  Also, how do I go about getting starter cultures of
> live food.

Grindal worms do well in a plastic shoebox 1/4 full of very damp potting
soil, nearly covered with a sheet of glass. A separate tight-fitting lid
will keep out gnats, etc. Smaller Tupperware bowls would work, too.

Feed multigrain baby food in small pits, and just lift and wipe worms
off the glass around the pits. Particularly easy in an office where
water is not handy. Not smelly, either.

Get cultures from your local-aquarium-society meetings.


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