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Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #12

Is any one willing to chance the yucky weather and do some live food
trading? I am looking for Paramecium and microworms and maybe even daphnia.
I have for trade; wingless fruitflies, Mealworms, and crickets. I think all
of these except maybe the crickets can withstand the
cold tempuratures. Extreme freeing like they are having in some places is
probably not good but iits not freezing in my part of the country (yet). 
>> Thanks,
>> Jeremy Adams
>> Corvallis, OR 97330
Some time back I mentioned a live food I had isolated from a tri culture
(daphnia, cephalopods and a type of aquatic worm) that are smaller than
newly hatched brine shrimp a reproduce a a prodigious rate. I am currently
cultivating them on my kitchen window sill and its winter here in the UK. I
still have not been able to have them identified but my fry eat them and a
fellow club member has paced his baby Hoplo`s directly in a culture and the
are growing well. As you only need a small starter culture which will
multiply into gallons within weeks send me your address and I will send you
one. I would also think about getting a Moina culture as these can be
cultivated indoors during the winter and would be ideal for tadpoles. Also
grindal worms are probably more suitable than microworms as the frogs as
well as the tadpoles will appreciate these.
On a final note are you sure the tadpoles are strictly carnivorous as most
tadpoles are omnivorous and eat anything. Try hanging a small piece of meat
or fish in the tank and see if they rasp bits off like normal amphibian

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