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nutritional quality of BBS

From: David Kawahigashi <baybrand at shellx_best.com>
To: Live-Foods at actwin_com
Subject: Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #11- nutritional quality of BBS

Regarding the nutritional quality of BBS:

The recent concern that BBS or baby brine shrimp are nutritional
incomplete and void of essential HUFA's is largely false.  If the
nutritional quality of BBS were completely deficient in proteins,
lipids, vitamins, enzymes, pigments, etc., then there would not be much
demand for BS cysts and the price would not be sky high due to the

Newly hatched BBS have fairly high levels of HUFA's, as long as they are
fed soon after hatching.  There is approximately 6-12 hours, from
hatching to molting to the first Instar stage, where the nauplius
consumes the reserves (HUFA's) that it is hatched with.  Once the
nauplius has reached the Instar I feeding stage, the BBS will
essentially mirror what it feeds upon.  If the BBS is fed a formula rich
in Omega-3 fatty acids (emulsified fish oil), then the HUFA level can
become even further enhanced that what it started out as.  

So to maximize the HUFA levels in your BBS, feed soon after hatching or
if your fish can take a larger Instar I particle size, enrich the
nauplius using a commercial enrichment formula.  

Hope this helps out some.

David Kawahigashi
San Francisco Bay Brand