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Re: Leeches

From: "Mach T. Fukada" <fukada at hawaii_edu>

I am not sure that planaria are harmless. I have been hearing that they can
and will eat fish eggs.  So they might be a problem in a planted tank where
you expect fishes to breed un attended.  They are a real pain when the get
into you water incubation set up and you didn't notice them untill all you
eggs don't seem to be hatching.

>Hi All, The things you are describing as leeches may not be leeches. I
>suspect that they may be Planaria which also are found in habitats with
>lots of organic material. You should be able to tell leeches from
>Planaria (a flatworm). Planaria usually have a triangular shaped head
>with 2 pale eye spots. The body is usually black, never segmented, and
>doesn't possess suckers at one end. True leeches are also often black,
>but they are always segmented since they belong to the annelid worm
>phylum. Leeches always have at least one sucker to attach to a host.
>Look to see if the critter is holding onto the substrate with its
>suckers. If so, It's a leech. Planaria are detritus feeders and
>shouldn't harm anything- think of them as more snails. Leeches are
>typically external parasites sometimes on fishes. Leeches can transmit
>protozoan diseases (Cryptobia) from one fish to another. Probablly not
>good for kilies. See yoy later. Nevin

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