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Yeast in cultures... & All live foods

I see that most people use a pinch or so of yeast in their microworm
cultures.  I've seen use and don't use activated yeast and/or un-activated
yeast.  What is the difference between the un/activated yeasts?  Also,
I've seen a person mention adding some to a vinegar eel culture... Is
anyone else doing this?  Do the vinegar eels feed off of yeast or mold.

I have another question about microworms... When I started my culture, I
did not add yeast.  I would guess that this culture would last longer then
one with the yeast added, initial production and population would be
smaller.  Has anyone had experience to corroborate this thought?

Secondly I'm curious of the different types of live foods people use.  So
far I've heard of:

Infusoria (including paramecia, and rotifers)
mosquito larva
vinegar eels/micro eels
grindal worms
white worms
red worms
black worms
tubifex worms
mealworms (various species of beetle larva)
fruit flies
small crickets (ie. pinheads)
baby fish (guppy, goldfish, minnows)

So what am I leaving off the list?


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