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Re: Live Foods Digest V1 #133

>In a message dated 97-12-25 16:06:55 EST, Scott writes:
><< sometimes in freshwater containers on
>> rare occasions we get various amphibians leaving their eggs. I let them
>> grow up before going back to harvesting for the fish. >>
>What? Roger!! We're talking about live food, here.  Your'e deliberately
>letting a really great live food escape.  Polliwogs (tadpoles) are loved by
>all carnivorous and omniverous fish and are very high in protein.  Think
Actually it was Scott, I do however maintain two natural ponds for
freshwater shrimps ect which are used by amphibians in the spring and
livebearers during the summer. All amphibians are protected species here in
the UK. Anyway with the abundance of other foods and the lack of amphibians
(compared to when I was a boy)I would not use them anyway.

>Date: Thu, 25 Dec 1997 21:21:39 +0500
>From: "Alfred A. Skrocki" <alfred.skrocki at cybernetworking_com>
>Most people are only aquanted with Indian curry. Curry is simply a mixture 
>of spices and all cultures have their own curry, in North and South America 
>it is Chilli. Now as for the Chana, I'm familiar with the term in the 
>context of dalls (India term for peas) there is chana dall and tor dall, in 
>India these are a white and yellow split pea (in case you havn't guessed 
>I'm big on gourmet foods). I have always understood Gram flour to be a kind 
>of whole wheat flour (that is what is used to make Gram crackers), best to 
>stick with trustable brands like Cerasota.

Dont know about the USA but GRAM flour here in the UK is ground yellow
peas. WHole wheat flour is not suitable as it is a cereal as opposed to the
peas which are vegetable.

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