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Re: Live Foods Digest V1 #97

Dionigi writes:

<< Does anybody know of any source of decapsulated brine shrimp cysts that
 could be hatched (as opposite to using them directly as fry food). I
 know only of the "Artemia Revolution" brand.
 For the home-made decapsulation recipes, is it possible to save and
 store the cysts after decapsulation? Maybe some info on this was
 recently posted, but unfortunately I did not save it. Sorry.
Darren and Kaycy from the Apisto list have the ability to supply 500 mg cans
of decapsulated shrimp eggs for $25 including shipping.  This is way cheaper
than regular eggs.  They are from batches that failed quality tests for
hatching, and were bought by the company that decapsulated them for way
cheap.  They are not intended for hatching, but are intended, as you say, for
feeding directly to the fish.  You might try hatching them anyway.  However,
the young fish attack the unhatched nauplii with all the same vigor they do
the live ones.  And, there is a rumor that they have a bit more food value,
as they have not expended any of their energy in hatching out of the shells.
 This, as far as I am concerned, is speculative, but fry do grow very well on
them.  Their Email address is <djhanson at calweb_com>

The recipes for decapsulating, if you get the right ones, allow you to store
them by placing the decapsulated eggs in a strong saltwater solution.  This
drives the water out by osmotic pressure, effectively bringing internal water
content down below 16%.  Then they can be stored for a few weeks at a time in
the freezer.

Bob DIxon