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Daphnia Tank

For a week now I have been meaning to write in and ask why I am having trouble
with my daphnia tank. I bought some daphnia eggs from Carolina Bio. and
hatched them in 1 gallon of water. Within days I cold see many baby daphnia
swimming around. I had a 70 gallon tank down in the basement that I had used
as a holding tank for a cople of weeks and the water was well aged. I had kept
plants floating loose in there and some had started to defoliate. So
bassically there was water fish waste and dead plant leaves. I then went out
side and brought my 10 gallon tank chuck full of green water and decaying tree
leaves and emptied it into my 70. I figuured I had a perfect daphnia set up. a
couple of weeks went by and I could not see any daphnia, adult or baby. I have
been being patient and the green water has been clearing (due to lack of
light). There are no daphnia in there!!
	Tonight I figured out what the problem was. Any guesses?

I'll get back to you:-)