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Re: Live Foods Digest V1 #93

> From: Vahe Ganapetyan <vahe at arminco_com>
> Subject: hatch photosensitivity
> So, guys, how much light do we need to improve the hatch rates? Not in
> candels, lumens, etc.
> but practically - what bulb do you use, and on what distance?
For a one or two liter hatching cone, a regular incandescent light bulb
(60 watt) placed around 6 inches away should be sufficient.  The
important thing to remember is that Artemia cysts require illumination
during the first 2-3 hours of incubation to trigger the hatching
mechanism within the embryo.  So you could can get a decent hatch rate
by shutting off the lights over the last 12 hours of incubation, but we
simply recommend to leave the light on at all times.  BTW, this
relationship with light (illumination) and hatching of Artemia cysts is
well documented in the literature.  

David Kawahigashi