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Re: culturing fruitflies in aquaria

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Mach Fukada <tuhoitc at aloha_net> wrote:

I am sure it is possible to set up a  a floating tray (styrofoam platform)
with plastic deli cups preforated with holes to allow adults to enter and
exit.  This should make the media easier to work with and prevent over flow
into the tank. Many need a certain size of initial colony to get things
going.  Here in Honolulu there are so many feral flies that my vinegar eel
culture has gotten infested once or twice.  They drown and feed the eels.
I  guess we need to set up a way to keep them in the tank and not over
running the fish room or appartment.    Also  the larvae tend to migrate
away from the food to look for a location to pupate,  I think the fish
would be just as happy to eat larvae.


>I've always liked the *idea* of fruit flies as food, but
>they are to me one of the most troublesome foods for
>a variety of reasons.
>I'm wondering if it might be possible to grow them *in the
>tank* with the fish. It might work like this: the tank
>would have to have it's water level a few inches below the
>top, and have some sort of platform, whether it's a rock
>or a floating bit of styrofoam. On this could be placed
>a banana peel or a bit of orange. There would need to be
>a pinhole in the cover, big enought for fruit flies to
>get in, but not large enough to allow for the egress
>of the fishes.
>I'm going to give it a try and will let y'all know how
>it works out.
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