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Infusoria & Daphnia

Non-member submission from [walter at flashmag_com (Walter Vose Jeffries)]   

> After finding and searching through all the messages in the archives, I
> have not found anything talking about using Infusoria as food for
> Is anyone doing this?  Also, is this a reasonable food source for

I do. I have a pot that I grow infusoria in and then use a turkey baster to
squirt some in to live food cultures but I also just grow it directly
in some of my brine shrimp and daphnia cultures. Leave some rotting plants
in the container and it just seems to happen of its own accord along with
some bacteria, worms and other interesting food stuffs. The cultures become
pretty much self maintaining although I do put in new fish tank water from
time to time, replacing old water which got taken out when collecting food
and I add plant clippings from time to time.