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Re: [Live-foods] Live-Foods Digest, Vol 41, Issue 10

Hi Tomoko,

I just restarted keeping grindals.  My previous cultures got too infested to
make worth keeping.  That surprised me because I was keeping them in a wine
cooler refrigerator set to about 64 degrees.  This time, I am using the soil
free cultures (scrub pads).  I am using tight sealing containers that I have
cut a large hole in the top and covered with filter floss that is secured by
duct tape.  These containers are kept inside zippered pillow cases.

Last time I tried the soil free cultures, I kept a stack of the scrubber
pads in the container with the bottom one submerged in water.  That's the
way people were doing it then.  I do not think the excess water is necessary
and actually is harmful to the culture because many of the grindals drown
themselves and the culture goes bad.  Now, I am just keeping the pads wet
and drain any excess water.

Once the bacteria get established in the soil free culture, I think you are
home free.  Before then, it can crash.  Once you get one established, moving
one of the used scrubber pads to a new culture means the bacteria are
already established in the new culture.

There are lots of posts on KillieTalk describing people's methods using the
scrubber pads instead of soil.


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