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[Live-foods] Grindal worms

I ordered grinda worms from LFS cultures a few times in the last 5 years.  They have always been very clean. 

While we are on Grindal worm subject, I would like to ask a question about their bedding.  I have had good luck using coco fibers until recently.  The batch I used last time was a brick sold for lizard bedding.  It was a different brand from the usual one that I get from PetsMart and the worms did not seem to like it.  They just refused to spread to the rest of the media and they won't multiply, either.  I suspected that it was treated with a pesticide chemical to kill germs, mold or something.  Have you had a similar experience? 

So what do you guys are using for their bedding lately ?  Peat moss or fertilizer free potting soil? 


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